Stappled Hemorrhoidectomy

What are hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids are the veins that are present in the lower part of rectum. These veins are normally present in the rectum but it is only when these veins enlarge and become dilated and tortuous start causing problem like bleeding etc.

This disease progresses through different stages and until the hemorrhoid tissue enlarge enough in late stage it prolapse (come out) through the anal canal.

Although, the hemorrhoids are present in every individual it causes problems only in 4% of population and the prevalence is equal both in males and females.

What is stappled hemorrhoidectomy?

Stappled hemorrhoidectomy is the newest and most modern method for the treatment of prolapsed hemorrhoids. The treatment is done with the help of a stappling device.

In this procedure actual hemorrhoid tissue is not removed. With this stapling device a circular portion of tissue above the actual hemorrhoids is removed that pull up the prolapsed hemorrhoid tissue.into the anal canal. Also the arterial vessels that supply the hemorhoidal tissue are divided during this procedure.

This reduces the blood supply to the hemorrhoids which cause reduction in the size of piles

Who is the candidate for stappled hemorrhoidectomy?

Stappled hemorrhoidectomy although can be done in second stage hemorrhoids (that casionally prolapse), this procedure is specifically indicated for the late third or fourth degree hemorrhoids. These patients are benefitted because the conventional piles surgery can be avoided and hence a large wound and its associated complications.


The Benefits of Stapled Hemorrhoidectomy

Stappled hemorhoidectomy causes no or comparatively much less pain. The patient returns to its normal activity much faster and the hospital stay of the patient is for a maximum of one day.


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